Lisa Swenson Ruble

My name is Lisa and I blog under the name Ellie Q (Ellie = L.E. = Lisa Erin and “Q” for Quilter) here at Color My World. In my dreams of being a writer, I’d always wanted a pen name, so I figured why not try it out here?!

I was bitten by the color bug early on in life, and have dabbled in drawing, painting, photography, and fabric. I learned to sew as a young girl, making clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kid, and then got into quilting about 19 years ago. In addition to freelancing as a “day” job (which often reaches into the wee hours of the morning!), I spend my time hanging with my husband and three little boys, (who add a whole different type of color to my world–they’re 10 and 7.5, and 4.5!), scheming to paint every room in my house, and finding time to spend in my sewing studio, playing with fabric.

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