Jayme Crow

Jayme Crow grew up in Walla Walla, Washington and now lives in Kennewick, Washington. She has two grown daughters, Lindsay and Megan, who grew up creating with mom. As a young girl, Jayme discovered a love of fabric and began her sewing career. Her first project was a white eyelet apron that her grandmother helped her create from a Swedish apron pattern. The first sewing project she tackled alone was a tailored jacket she made from a Vogue pattern. At age 19, while living in Germany, she started an eclectic collection of fabric and laces she found in her travels around Europe.

Jayme’s passion for quilting has grown out of a love for combining color, design, and fabrics. She enjoys teaching and learning from others to expand her knowledge of textile and design. She has many projects going at once and draws from things around her to inspire new ideas. While indulging in her delight for gardening, she often dreams up new ideas to try in the design studio.

Beyond quilt and sewing patterns, Jayme also designs batik fabrics with her daughter Megan. Her fabrics are currently available wholesale through Island Batik or at your local quilt shop.