Toni Whitney

I love wind. Not gale force, but nice wind like breezes and stronger even. I love dogs, especially mine, willow trees and winter, horses of course, and rats, summer, spring, fall and in between like slushy and dead leaves. The comfort of aging is bliss, in me, big gray sweatshirt’s and Levi jeans. I think rules and art shouldn’t date but pencils and erasers should wed. I love acrylic and oil, pastels and watercolor, crayons, paper and art stores. The word’s, “favorite color” should not be spoken in the same sentence. Kissing a horse on the nose is heaven, cat’s are nice also. I love mean and angry and hurt people who aren’t mean, angry and hurt anymore, they can change the world. Kids are amazing! I really love candy but have to give it up as it is not very good for me, and I so love everyone who buys my art.