Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor is a self-taught artist, fabric designer and quilter. She has been a creative entrepreneur in both the home decor industry and quilt industry for 20+ years.  In her new book, Collage Quilter: Essentials for Success with Collage Quilts, Emily explains the essentials for success with collage quilts. Using detailed photos and illustrations, Emily guides readers through the foundational principles of art that should be understood and applied by aspiring collage quilt artists. She explores value, color temperature, and contrast in the process of fabric selection for a quilt. Emily also explains in depth the pros and cons of various supplies for making collage quilts. Finally, she provides four collage quilt projects in the book that readers can create as they apply the lessons of the book and learn her methods.

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Get started with collage quilting now with Emily’s beginner pattern Oliver Owl!  Click the free pattern below and visit Emily’s website – https://collagequilter.com/ – for more patterns, techniques and discover the collage quilter in YOU!