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Home Foam

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Fiber Content: 100% Densified polyester fibers

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Reuse, Renew & Recycle!

Home Foam is ideal for home upholstery projects such as pet beds, cushions, indoor and outdoor furniture, and gives new life to your old RV furniture and marine seating for your boat! Home Foam is comfortable, shift resistant, and resilient foam pads that cut easily and maintain their shape after every use. The polyester fiber is hydrophobic and anti-microbial preventing mold and mildew. Home Foam is a safe replacement for urethane foam as it is non-toxic and does not yellow or deteriorate because it dries quickly. Available 17" x 15" in 1", 2", 3" and 4" thicknesses and in chaise lounge size 22" x 72" x 3". Don't throw out that old furniture! Reupholster it instead!

Benefits of using Home Foam in replacement of urethane foam:

  • Non toxic;
  • Produces no chemical smoke when burned;
  • Dries quickly;
  • Won't yellow or mold;

Product Care

  • Do not submerge foam in water
  • We recommend using vacuum-off upholstery cleaner
  • Or dry clean

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