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LSAS 2 ABC-123

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Fiber Content: Lite Fusible Web with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (Sticky) Coating

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It’s easier than ever to personalize everything from quilts to gifts to home decor with Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 ABC 123!

Sheets are printed with reversed upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and even shapes in two sizes ready for use with your own fabric or paper. No tracing required with all the benefits of the world’s most loved fusible web - Lite Steam-A-Seam 2!!

  • No Sewing Required
  • Machine Wash & Dry Finished Projects
  • Sticks Temporarily for Perfect Placement
  • Once Fused - Won’t Gum Needle If Sewing is Desired

Benefits of Using Lite Steam-A-Seam ABC-123®

  • Fast & Easy Personalization
  • No sewing necessary
  • Pre-printed reversed upper & lower case letters, numbers and shapes in two sizes
  • Ready to use with your own fabric or paper
  • No tracing required
  • Re-positionable stick
  • Bond is strong & permanent
  • Leave edges unfinished - will not fray or lift
  • Will not gum up your needle
  • Machine wash and dry (See Product Care)

Product Care

Machine wash & dry finished projects without fabric softners or dry clean.

You may leave edges unfinished, but if you choose to sew through, make sure that the Steam-A-Seam 2® is fully fused with a steam iron - 30+ sec and let set before sewing.

When laundering, avoid using fabric softner. Fabric softner chemicals erode the fusible web over time.

Easy As ABC-123

A. Choose your letter, number or shape and cut it out leaving space around it.

B. Remove the paper backing and stick the cut-out to the back of your material.

C. Cut on the traced line of the letter, number or shape that you've chosen.

1. Pinch or fold over the edge to easily remove the paper.

2. Remove the paper leaving the fusible webbing on the material.

3. Position the letter or shape and steam iron for 20 seconds, or longer if needed.

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I love how this product is slightly tacky, yet repositionable before permanent fusing. It's so nice not to have my pieces flying all over the place while I'm still working. Having two sizes of letters and punctuation is very helpful. This packet also eliminates the potential of forgetting to reverse your image. The fusible keeps fabric in place even after rigorous washing, and doesn't scorch easily or have visible bumps like the competitors.

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