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Warm & White

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Fiber Content: 87.5% Bleached Cotton & 12.5% Polypropylene (Scrim)

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Warm & White is the ideal batting for pastel and tone-on-tone fabrics!

Warm & White is The Warm Company's second highest selling quilt batting enjoying world-wide success for 20 years. Warm & White is everything you love about Warm & Natural with beautiful white cotton fibers! It is made in the same state of the art needle-punched tradition that made Warm & Natural the most highly regarded quilt batting in the world. Warm & White is the ideal batting for use with bright whites, pastels, and tone-on-tone fabrics because Warm & White won't peek through!

Both Warm & Natural and Warm & White are 4 oz. per square yard, but Warm & White feels a little less lofty due to the bleaching process which strips the fibers of their natural oils, while at the same time reducing shrinkage. There is little to no measureable shrinkage in a cold or warm water wash after quilting. When looking for a finished quilt that will remain pristine without puckering around your quilted lines, Warm & White is the perfect choice!

Benefits of Needlepunch Batting.

  • Will Not Separate or Bunch;
  • Contains No Resins or Glues;
  • Will Not Shift, Migrate or Beard;
  • Quilt or Tie Leaving up to 10" Open;
  • Once Quilted, Machine Wash & Dry;

Pre-Wash & Care Instructions

Note that this step is optional. Warm & White is pre-shrunk so you will experience little or no shrinkage with your first wash.

  • Hand Wash mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in washer.
  • Soak for 20 minutes, rinse several times.
  • Squeeze out water. DO NOT WRING. Rolling in a towel helps.
  • Dry in a warm dryer or lay flat to air dry.

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I learned to quilt while living in Alabama from a group of church ladies. I have used Warm and White and Warm and Natural since 2008 when I made my first baby quilt on my own. I have helped make quilts with the other church ladies who did not always use The Warm Company products and can truly say - don't give me any other brand!

I buy my batting by the bolt and it saves me a lot of money buying in the larger quantity.

I tried to use Warm and White from a King size package on a quilt with a dark (wine) backing. The front of the quilt is pieced of light and dark fabrics. Thank goodness I did a practice row. I got batting "pokies" on the back of my quilt! Quite unacceptable. I picked out the stitches. I tried turning the batting over placing the other side down. That gave even more batting pokies. Choose a different batting is you are going to use dark backing. Warm Company, why not warn us quilter's about this to save us time and frustration??

**Thank you for the comment. Batting always gets the blame for pokies and it's not fair! The size of your needle and the size of the thread, tension, different threads for the top and bobbin, does your needle have a burr? There are so many things it could be but the good news is - they will all get sucked back into the quilt during the first washing!

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