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The Warm Company is ISO Certified

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ISO 14001:2004 -


ISO 9001:2008: -


What does ISO Certified mean?

The Warm Company is ISO certified meaning we comply to the quality management standards of 9001:2008 to consistently ensure that our products meet our customer's high standards. Only the best materials will be used in the making of your Warm products. Under standard 14001:2004, we verify and declare that our manufacturing process is always environmentally safe; for our workers, for our customers and for our world - our home. The Warm Company understands the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection.


What makes The Warm Company products different?

Comber noils and motes are both cotton waste generated through the production of natural raw cotton. While these fibers are 100% cotton, they are very short and fine leaving them unable to survive the manufacturing process. The Warm Company’s manufacturing process removes comber noils and motes, selling the waste for use in other industries.

Many companies sell branded quilt batting while only a few are manufacturers. Special manufacturing equipment is required to successfully run cotton. Polyester lines are readily available and are often used to run both cotton and poly. Using a black light we see the glowing poly fiber in “100% cotton batting” regularly, as it is impossible to completely remove one or the other. The Warm Company owns and operates 3 cotton lines and 3 synthetic fiber lines eliminating cross contamination. Comber noils and motes can be processed, but they are so fine and too short to be secured to a scrim leaving nothing to hold the fiber together.

The high price of good US cotton and the limited supply have lead some companies to use cotton waste and below grade cotton. Cotton is priced using a grading system based mainly on fiber length, thickness and color. Out of all the cotton produced in the US, only the top 15% meets the criteria necessary to manufacture Warm & Natural, Warm Bond and Warm & Plush. Out of this 15% only 5% is clean enough, meaning free of leaf and stem debris. The needlepunch process requires long staple cotton fiber that can be combed tangle free and layered individually.

Quilters rely on The Warm Company to set and maintain the highest industry standard by consistently providing the perfect, soft warm battings for quilts, crafts and wearable arts. We remain loyal to these high standards refusing to compromise quality by using waste or below grade cotton. The foundation of the quilt is the batting, as it determines the life of the quilt. The foundation of a company is integrity as it determines the life of the business.