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Unfortunately, we had to discontinue manufacturing the Warm Tater batting. We did make a similar product to replace Warm Tater. Our new Warm & Plush is made the same way as Warm Tater with a few improved changes –


Warm & Plush is 100% natural cotton fibers needle-punched into itself, just like Warm Tater – No chemicals, glues or resins. See our Warm & Plush page for more information.


  • Warm & Plush weighs 6 oz per square yard (contains 50% more cotton)
  • Warm & Plush uses ultra clean cotton (natural cotton that’s mechanically picked clean of cotton plant’s leaf & stem remnants)

IMPORTANT! With microwave projects, safety is always a concern.  Do not microwave alone. Do not leave in microwave unattended. Our batting is not fire retardant or flame proof and The Warm Company does not make this claim. Our batting is made of natural 100% cotton fibers only.

It may help to understand how a microwave works and subsequently how the properly completed potato bag aids in cooking potatoes, corn and warming tortillas and bread.

A microwave oven uses radio waves at a high frequency of around 2.5 gigahertz to cook food. Radio waves in this frequency are absorbed by water, fats and sugars. The radio waves set the sugar, water and fat molecules in atomic motion resulting in heat. The excited water, sugar and fat molecules heat evenly throughout the food. This is how the microwave cooks from the inside out vs. a conventional oven that cooks from the outside in. With 100% natural cotton fiber that has never been chemically treated will contain extremely limited amounts of water and fat molecules as it is a natural fiber (plant). Without the presence of a substantial amount of water, fat or sugar molecules, the radio waves will eventually find these small molecules in the batting, generating heat quickly and prolonged exposure can lead to scorching followed shortly by ignition.

We suggest cooking only in 2 minute intervals, checking the food constantly. Once the molecules of food reaches boiling point, the microwave will begin exciting molecules in dense areas of bag. Do not overcook.

When used properly in a completed potato bag with a couple of potatoes, corn on the cob or tortillas the cotton batting acts as an insulator keeping the moisture (as steam) inside the potato bag which aids in cooking / warming as the excited water and sugar molecules evenly heat the potato, corn or tortillas.

Another consideration is that microwaves vary by manufacturer and by wattage requiring users to establish their own cooking times. An operating microwave should never be left unattended. It is always in your best interest to strictly adhere to your microwave manufacturer’s instructions for use.

-Be sure to use 100% Cotton in every aspect (thread, fabric, batting) as other fibers might melt.

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5 thoughts on “Microwave Project Warning & Info

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  2. Hello Joan, Thank you for this information! I will definitely do some research and include this on our page.

  3. I followed the instructions to the book on making Potato Bags and out of about 75 bags had one returned for scorching. After talking to the lady, I found out she had a Convection Microwave oven. When I looked online to find out about these, I found out that that not only cooked food from the inside out, but ALSO cooked from the outside in. And part f their claim is that they get things “crispy”. Well, they make the potato bags crispy too. So I started to put a CAUTION on my products, that they are not to be used in “Convection Microwaves Ovens” Did you look into what type of microwaves were being used in any problem areas? I found it very interesting on how that type of microwave works. I hope this is of some help to you.
    Good Luck. Joan

  4. After having Warm n’ Tater on back order for several months, Hobby Lobby told their employees that the company would no longer stock it and I am wondering if it’s still available and where I can purchase, if so? Thanks!

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